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Process Equipments

An extensive experience of over 8 years assist us in offering a range of process equipment for use in food processing and dairy industries, as per the specific requirements or guidelines of our customers. Roller conveyor, bulk milk cooler, plate heat exchanger, mini dairy plant, ghee boilers, dump tank and milk tanker are some of the qualitative equipment from our range. These are widely acknowledged for their sturdiness, resistance from rust, vibration-free operation and energy efficiency. We commit to deliver our products within the pre-decided time frame in their original condition.
The extensive assortment of our industrial process equipment include following :

• Dairy Plants, Dairy Equipments
• Skid Mounted Pasteurization Units
Road Milk Tankers
Milk Storage Tanks
Sight Glass Accessories
• Pipes & Pipe Fittings
• Level Indicators (Manometer)
• Non Ferrous Castings
• Patterns : Metallic
• Rain Gauges
Roller Conveyors
Mini Dairy Plants
Skid Mounted Process Units
Bulk Milk Coolers
Butter Churners
Plate Heat Exchangers

• Thermocole & Wooden
• Thermocole Models
• Heavy Duty Machining

• Can Roller Conveyors
• Flow Indicators
• Flow Switches
• Man Hole Assemblies
• Material Handling Equipments
• Reconditioning of Dairy Machinery
• Scientific & Laboratory Equipments
• Weather Bread Casting Equipments
Ghee Boilers
Dump Tanks
Process Pumps
Venturi Mixers
Tools For Dump Tanks
Storage Tank
Machine Jobwork

Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors

We are amongst the prestigious roller conveyor manufacturers and exporters. These precision designed roller conveyors are appreciated for their attributes of durability, strudy construction, rust resistance and simple operation.
These are ideal for various purposes including :
• Truck loading and unloading
• Packaging
• Portable assembly line
• Distribution centres
• Shipping and receiving
Our customers can avail these rollers in following specifications :
100 lbs capacity per linear ft (level).
28 1/2" to 37 1/4" adjustable conveyor height 18", 24" and 30" conveyor widths.
These are offered in various lengths that are sufficient to meet the diversified needs of our customers. Our roller conveyors have an integrated continuous duty multi drive motors that has following specifications :
Line speed is adjustable from 0 to 120 ft. per minute.
Start/Stop cycle 300 times per hour.
On/Off switches at both ends.
Approximately 3 amps per 12 ft of conveyor.
Durable DC drive motors with 120VAC.
Optional 230VAC available.
Various other components or parts of our durable roller conveyors are enlisted below :
Self tracking that allows the cartons to follow the movements of the conveyor path without using engineered curves. The height can also be adjusted simply by turning the locking knob to raise or lower the conveyor
High performing square tubing legs, for longer service life
The 16 gauge 1.9 bearing roller is place on 12 mm axles to enhance the durability
Aluminum plate of 2” is placed for extra strength, which is assembled with nuts and bolts
8” x2” casters with brakes are installed to ensure smooth rolling in uneven surface and lock the wheel in place during the conveyor in use


Bulk Milk Coolers

Bulk Milk Coolers
We have all the resources that are required for bulk and customized production of top class bulk milk coolers. These coolers are used to improve the quality of milk by storing it and chilling it to 5oC at the collector center, before transporting it to different dairies. Our range of bulk milk coolers is based on Ice Bank Technology, in which ice is formed upon no supply of milk in the tank and melting of ice on the entry of milk in the tank.
This lessens the milk temperature ensuing minimal growth of bacteria, which in turn improves the shelf life of milk. Our bulk milk coolers are used in:
Big dairies
Milk collection center
Village cooperatives / milk cooperatives
Agriculture industry for the storage of bulk milk
These chillers are available in 150, 300, 600 & 1000 liters capacities.
The chiller units operate on a single phase electric connection and consume around 7, 10, and 14 Amps respectively. Further, our unit is also capable of operating on a single phase diesel genset.

Plate Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchangers
To ensure the innovativeness and high quality standards of our plate heat exchangers, we use a combination of latest and most efficient technologies such as sealing technology and improved plate design. Used in diversified industries, our range of plate heat exchangers has various integrated features of :
• High heat transfer coefficient
• Optimized heat recovery
• Compact construction of plate arrangement
• Easy maintenance
The range of plate heat exchangers is available with us in different MOC’s such as SS 304, SS316, SS 316L, Titanium and many others, as per the definite requirements of our customers. The range is used in various industrial applications in:
Petrochemicals power plants
Pulp & paper
Zinc & aluminium
Vegetable oil
Breweries & distilleries
Dairy & beverages and many more

Mini Dairy Plants

We undertake different projects for mini dairy plant manufacturing on turnkey basis. All the plants fabricated by us have material of construction of stainless steel and carbon steel, each confirming to different grades which includes :
  • Stainless steel conforming to SS 304, SS 316, SS 304L, SS 316L, SS 310 and SA 213 grades
  • Carbon steel conforming to SA-515, SA-516 or equivalent, IS-2062, SA-106 mark
We use the latest and best resources in terms of fabrication process and use of technology while executing the turnkey projects. In addition, during the implementation of the mini dairy plant project, we install various other equipment such as :

  • Road milk tanker
  • Pilot dryer
  • Ribbon blender
  • Multi purpose kettle
  • Continuous butter melter and many more

Butter Churners
Butter Churners
Manufactured using top class material of stainless steel in conjunction with latest technology, our butter churner is used by the dairy industry. This churner has 1 opening gate, used for adding butter and its other additives. Operating with a rotary effect, our durable butter churner has swift and smooth performance and can be repetitively used for a very long time, with minimum labor cost. We can also custom develop this butter churner as per the specific requirements and / or specifications of our customers.


Ghee Boilers
Ghee Boilers
Widely used in the dairy and fruits industry, our ghee boilers are fabricated from quality tested material to ensure their long life and trouble free performance. These boilers have a jacketed insulation along with a hemispherical bottom type. The heating is done by a specific amount of “working dry steam pressure”. These durable and smooth performance ghee boilers are offered by us in following specifications:

300 kg to 2000 kg
S.S. 316 / S.S. 304

Venturi Mixers
Venturi Mixers
We are globally appreciated as one of the best venturi mixer manufacturers and exporters. These mixers are specially designed and developed for continuous paneer making and hence are widely demanded in the dairy industry. With our venturi mixers, better recovery and improved quality of paneer are absolute assurance. Known for their simple operation and durability, our venturi mixers can be customized as per the specifications provided by our customers.


Skid Mounted Process Units
Skid Mounted Process Units
One of our most popular products, skid mounted process units are precisely designed for use in chilling plants and dairy plants. These units are highly efficient and are available with various safety devices such as high / low refrigerant switched, flow switches and many others. Guaranteed for long life and trouble free services, our easy to use skid mount process units are widely demanded for their characteristics of :
  • Energy saving and highly efficient fin tube air cooling condensers with liberal sized fans
  • Guaranteed cooling capacity at rated parameters
  • Hermentic, semi hermentic sealed, screw compressors with internal load protection
  • Air cooled condensers with copper tubes and aluminum fins
  • Refrigerant circuit comprises of filter dryer, thermostatic expansion valve/capillary, sight glass, accumulator and many other controls from Danfos, Sporlan and Alco

Milk Tankers
Milk Tankers
To ensure the high quality standards of our milk tankers, we use food grade stainless steel 304 with cip sprays and SS ladders in its manufacturing process. Widely used in dairy industry, our milk tankers are offered in different capacities to meet different requirements of our customers. These tanks assist in simple transportation of milks via different road routes. Its impeccable construction ensures no leakage along with retention of the temperature inside the tanker, at which the milk sustains its original properties.

Dump Tanks
Dump Tanks
Used in various industries, our dump tanks are fabricated from best quality raw material, using innovative technology. The main purpose of these tanks is to store and / or transport bulk products from one place to another. Having a cylindrical shape, these durable and weather resistant dump tanks have a conical bottom, top cover type with drain valve and is mounted on castor wheels, as per the requirements of our customers. We can offer these dump tanks in following specifications :
Mild steel, stainless steel. Angles, rods bars
50 Litres to 2000 Litres

Tools For Dump Tanks
Tools For Dump Tanks
Leveraging on our established resources, we manufacture and export a humungous range of precision engineered tools for dump tank. This range includes castor wheels, brushes, rotators and many others. The best features of these tools include precise dimensions, simple installation / removal, rust resistance, durability and long efficient performance. These tools for dump tanks are also designed and developed as per the specific demands of our esteemed customers.